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Content Goals for Realtors


How does your business use content? Whether you are in the business of selling real estate, cars, power tools or belly dancing lessons, then you need content. So far, WordsFound has not written content for a belly dancing studio, but we would be happy to write it! We have, however, created content for a variety of marketing tools for Realtors.


As a Realtor, you know that you need content to market your listings and your services. Every agent has a business card which includes tiny bits of content, a website containing more content, and tools such as social media, flyers, or newsletters which all contain content. But don’t put the cart before the horse! Before you post, link, tweet, or publish content rich brochures, ask yourself “What are my content goals?

Name Recognition: In most markets, real estate agents have a tremendous amount of competition! One primary content goal is to get your name in front of possible clients. To maximize the potential for name recognition, keep it consistent. For example, if your name is Mary Jane Smith, then make the decision to go by Mary, Mary Jane, or MJ. If your brand name is MJ’s Mansions, then use that brand name in all of your content.

Brand Awareness: Often agents will distribute advertisements with interesting facts and statistics on area homes, but they don’t go the extra mile to create brand awareness. Do you have a clearly defined brand? Make a list of characteristics that might entice clients to work with you. Your list may include qualities such as:

  • 20 Years Experience
  • Market Intelligence
  • Specializing in First Time Home Buyers
  • Member of a Powerful Real Estate Team
  • Honesty and Integrity

Once you have a clear understanding of your own brand characteristics, then you can publish content with the goal of establishing and building your brand.

Ask for the Business: Perhaps you decide to publish a newsletter which contains engaging, meaningful content such as home prices for a particular neighborhood, or tips on staging a master bathroom. When you reach out with content, don’t forget to ask your reader to reach back! Invite readers to call, email, subscribe to your blog, or contact you in some way.

While goal driven content can be a powerful tool, content without goals is just words aimlessly filling the space next to the photo of the house you hope to sell. With your specific goals in mind, WordsFound can create content for all of your marketing tools, ensuring that they are strategically aligned to make the most of every social media post, blog, flyer or newsletter. Contact us for more information on how we can help!


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