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SEO Attractive Blog Titles and Purposeful Website Content

If this post were a book or a movie then I would have called it “Writers, Spiders and Websites.” It’s more interesting than “SEO Attractive Blog Titles and Purposeful Website Content” for several reasons. It’s shorter and contains a rhyme which makes it memorable, and there is a bit of clever wordplay with “spiders” and “websites” which makes it interesting. However, even though anyone with an ounce of creativity knows that “Writers, Spiders and Websites” is a more interesting title, it is actually NOT a better blog title. Why not? Keep reading…

The Movie That Inspired the Blog

This blog post was inspired by the movie “Along Came A Spider” based on the James Patterson novel. If you like a good thriller with a bunch of plot twists then you should catch the movie on Netflix, or pick up the book for some vacation reading. I thought the movie title “Along Came a Spider” was very catchy, and as I scrolled through a list of Netflix suggestions it piqued my interest. Of course, this movie is not about spiders. In fact, there is only one line in the movie that explains the title, and if you get up for a snack then you will miss the explanation altogether.

Is “Along Came A Spider” a successful book and movie title? A book or movie title should be unique, and it should quickly grab a potential reader’s or viewer’s attention. If the title can get you to open the book and start reading, or select this particular movie from the long list of options, then it has served its purpose. The title “Along Came a Spider” served its purpose very well.

The Purpose of a Blog Title

The purpose of a blog title is different from that of a book. Before a human reader sees a blog title, the title will be read by a search engine. The search engine looks for relevant keywords, but does not appreciate creativity. Any rhymes or wordplay efforts are completely wasted on a search engine. Also, the word “spider” in a title that is not about spiders is just confusing. Because the purpose of a blog title is to capture the attention of a search engine, the longer, less creative title “SEO Attractive Blog Titles and Purposeful Website Content” is the better title choice for a blog.

The Purpose of Website Content

Unfortunately, many companies, extremely concerned about driving traffic to their sites, forget about what happens next. Site traffic is just a means to an end; the goal is to convert that site visitor into a client. Knowing that the average amount of time a person spends on a webpage is about 15 seconds, your site needs well crafted content that immediately captures the interest of your human readers!

Is your website in need of purposeful titles and content? If so, then contact WordsFound. We will spin your web words in a way that captures search engines as well as human readers.


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